Despite the close association of social and political structures, both are clearly separate wrt sphere of their activities.

Politics has much to do with governance and administration of a county or province or nation at large while society is much connected to cultural heritage for peaceful, empathetic and cooperative coexistence of individuals at lower level and families or clans at a higher level.

While political values emphasize on guiding, monitoring and administrating the society, social values are much related to best role of individuals so that society and individuals are benefited alike. I dont always mean fixing of role of individuals but recognizing their potential and encouraged for the same. Social values also means respecting everyone’s role in society. Still more refined form is every individual clearly determines and assumes the role he knows to be best.

For political and social structures to operate, we need economic and  moral structure.

First we talk about moral structure it has to do with religion. Religion in modern context is more appropriately set of moral rules determining way of life. I am not leaned towards any particular organized religions of world to draw moral teachings from them. But, instead as per new context new rules have to be devised. Religion in no way requires to believe in any soul, god or deity by default. I am in favor of global uniform moral rules called global religion. Traditionally, spirituality is mixed with religion in a confusing manner. But, spiritualism and religion are two separate aspect. Former deals with morals, later deals with knowledge of workings of invisible things – soul/ spirit, god, etc, in context of past, present and future – unknown past and future. Spiritual dynamics are common to all 5-7 billions irrespective of their distinct beliefs or even for non believers. Here I may also want to discuss the link between religion and spiritualism. Organized religions of world expect belief in god/ deity/ or the founder, etc. In other words they have to believe in someone other than themselves whether they be king/prez or your spouse. If not morality will be seriously affected. If the trust between husband and wife ceases, then separation results. Imagine a society in which no one trusts anyone else. Then, will such society exist – at level of family(there will be serial divorces or destruction of familial institution), clan, community, etc. Then entire social structure falls apart. Similarly, if subjects dont trust govt/ king/ prez then will they work sincerely? It will turn everyone lazy, corrupt. And it would have deleterious effect on economy of nation too however much resources a nation is endowed with. Best example is former USSR.

From political side too if we devise a global laws of governance based on set of moral laws outlining religion and make the govt/ governing authority/ies obligatory to follow the rules without any room for manipulation and empower each of subjects to monitor others or seniors and file a legal complaint against any deviancy by anyone and rewarding them for their reporting.

For eg, see Peter’s decree on registration of nobles in the Senate, September 26, 1714:
We hereby announce to all the nobles that they themselves, and their relatives between the ages of ten and thirty, must appear at [the office] established here in Moscow by the Senate for registration in the course of the coming winter. If anyone disregards this order and fails to appear by March, then all his property and villages shall be [confiscated and] given to him who reports such failure, no matter how lowly his rank may be…. [These reports shall be accepted beginning in September 1715.]

These actions should be reflected on global level. Now, there is king to issue a decree but legal body. So, any prez/ leader may also be entrapped for misuse.

I would write on these topics more, later.


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