Religion is distinct from spiritualism. But often confused. Spiritualism is cause and religion is effect. Spiritualism enlightens you with the wisdom that directs the religious inculcations of virtues. But Spiritualism is on much higher plane than religion. Religion is teach you morality, righteousness, virtues. But, Spiritualism is something related to knowing thyself, realizing thyself, how my many births are, in what all religions I played what all roles, spiritualism is more towards intellectualism and realism. Spirituality literally means exploring contents within soul. Haile Selassie I has rightly said. Religion is more towards faith though may be blind and idealistic. True religion is one which applies Spiritualism in toto.

As for misuse well sunlight can be used to study spiritual book as well as stealing. But Sun is impartial. So, knowledge is at its own place in true form. But, bigots can manipulate to their ephemeral benefits. But, later they have to pay for it as spiritual debts. Both knowledge and religion are prone to misuse. Also, knowledge is power, so it is weapon if you possess it what others dont. It will pose threat to world like secretly hiding a dagger. See, man got knowledge of atom, atom bomb and threat increased in world.

Secular is defined to be somewhat non religious. This is what the definition when comes to politics like ‘secular state’. But, it actually means topics applicable to all irrespective of what religion one belongs, or is irreligious. So, one can say spiritual topics, among other topics like monarchy, science are applicable for all religions and hence secular. Spiritual is fact backed by evidence not faith.

There can be pure religion totally disjoint from spiritualism like Buddhism that teaches great virtues but its literature is silent about soul and god. They believe in rebirth but dont know what takes rebirth and details of where and what. But, no religion touches depth of spiritual exploration. It is correct biology and theology cant go together. But biology/ science and spirituality can as biology is study of soul+body. Life itself is soul + body. Absence of any one can lead to no more than nonliving things if soul and body are considered separate or soul has departed body.

There is possibility that spirituality can be totally separated from religion, making it independent of religion by using evidences from logic, history, sciences(quantum physics), scaling, transformation of size, space, time. At that time materialist and non religious atheists can also accept spiritual knowledge.

Higher one gets into spiritual knowledge, he can discover the present religious rules, ethics, laws to be obsolete, and the spiritual laws are totally agnostic to those of religion or atheism. Hence, since science of today is imperfect, that bridges, trains, airplanes, nations prone to accidents fall apart and, atheism i.e. materialism that takes arguments in support from sciences is also faith when it comes to theories, hypotheses, conjunctures. Even for atheists it is difficult to prove or disprove divinity, spirit, god. Many can be no more than being agnostic of spiritual topics. Many natural phenomena are currently beyond scope of science to explain. Reasons are two fold – atheism like theism is also faith not fact based and science has not attained the level that spiritual topics can be investigated, until these hypotheses, conjunctures are verified, tested or proved.

So, as I once said through pure materialism I will approach spiritualism or rather convert material power to spiritual power when I realized to scientifically solve my physical problems i.e. illness to overcome impediment for my spiritual progress. Now, I have realized prospective scientific fields, constructs and tools to make spiritual knowledge subject of scientific investigation. But, thing remains is to effort and come up with concrete proof and evidence. I expect to find coworkers of same area of investigation and research in near future.


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