East West
Intuitive Rational
Wholistic Atomistic/ reductionist
Collectivism Individualism
Crude Refined
Philosophical Scientific
Idealistic Realistic
Right Brain Left Brain
Cesaropapism Papocesarism

Intuition vs Rational

Intuition is origin of ideas but rationalism is examining those ideas. East is land of ideas, religions, metaphysical abstract theories but west is more investigative – examining and arriving at conclusions by judging merits.

Wholistic vs Atomistic

Its quite evident from Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine looks into the body as a whole and health as perfect harmony of spirit, mind and body. But, Western Medicine looks into different organs for giving diagnosis and treatment. So, we have different medicines for heart, brain, mind, lungs, etc.

Collectivism vs Individualism: 

These have deeper connotations that impact various aspects of lives in East and West. In East family and social bonds are stronger and honor of family or society is upheld before respect for individual. If one member of a clan does a crime against other, then whole clan is destroyed. But, in West if a person offended another then he will not take revenge with offender’s wife. In West privacy is very important that neighbors don’t know happenings of each other nor they want. In East neighbors meet in many social occasions. In West individual enjoys more freedom of body and mind. But, it also leads to selfishness and lack of empathy.

Crude vs Refined: 

East may have pioneered inventions and philosophical and secular literature, but it was only the Westerners/ Europeans that took those basic, foundational material to West during Colonialism period in 200 years to refine, advance and develop it into present modern scifi, hitech world.

Philosophical vs scientific: 

East have witnessed a lot of philosophers and teachers of religious and moral and ethics and west even if had philosophers were utilitarian. West is land of discoveries(not inventions) and discoveries not inventions are more related to science that is concerned with knowing. Inventions are concerned with development of technology goods. So, these UK, Germany, USA, Russia make most of discoveries. There is clear evidence that Germany bagged more Nobels before WW1 than UK, USA, Russia put together. But, East may be somewhat good at technology, innovation, while West is also no way less. Btw, in East technological development takes place later than West.

Idealistic vs Realistic:

Eastern people are more theoretical people. Prime reason was lack of advanced equipment for minute investigation. They relied on universal logic, analogy, hermetic theory, by observing symmetry. But, ancient Western philosophers were also mathematicians. They developed theories by investigating nature, albeit with some mistakes. But, most part they are recognized even today like Aristotle, Archimedes, Plato, Euclid. The Western philosophers inclined to reasoning, questioning, definition, induction, proof by contradiction, rejecting analogies, etc. Roots of formalism of rigor originated from West. During European Enlightenment scientific, rational thinking was reinforced and emphasized. Compared to Platonic sharp distinction between knowledge as certain, and mere true opinion as non certain and opinions derive from the shifting world of sensation; knowledge derives from the world of timeless Forms, or essences, even the Logical School of Realism means of obtaining knowledge depends on perception, measuring along some other thing/ inference, analogy and word/testimony of reliable sources all are far from rigorous formal proof of deductions of Western Schools.

Right vs Left brain:

Left brain is concerned with logic, analysis, sequencing, linear, mathematics, language, facts, thinking in words, words of songs and computation. Right brain is concerned with creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, rhythm, non-verbal, feelings, visualization, tune of songs and daydreaming.

Cesaropapism vs Papocesarism:

In East monarchs had absolute powers even had titles like Prince of Heaven in China and Emperor of Japan were top authority of Shinto religion. Czarist Russia was also absolute monarchy were titled autocrats. But, in West king always bowed towards papal authorities, in many occasions Church’s power surpassed that of monarch that patriarch was a religious autocrat. In Islam too religious Caliphates ruled and in Iran Supreme Leader is religious head.


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