North South
Traditional direction of Deities Traditional direction of  Demons
Christians Islam
Protestants Catholic, Orthodoxy
Interest in India No interest in India
Cool Tempered Hot Tempered
Less Lust More Lust
Fair skin Darker Skin
Scientifically advanced Not much scientific
No need to be religious Need to be religious
Civilized Barbaric

It is traditionally held North is direction of deities and South is direction of demons.

First temple outside India was established by Abraham and his son Ismail in Kaaba that later turned into Mosque by Muhammad’s reforms. Marat Safin, a Muslim correctly says Muslims are hot blooded people. Slowly they spread over entire North and Central Africa and had influences in Southern Europe like Spain and Portugal.

Christians: Northern countries are Protestant – UK, Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Canada.
Southern countries – South America, Spain, Portugal, Italy are Catholic.
Orthodox is very much like Catholic, but origin of Orthodoxy is Eastern church centered at Constantinople aka Istanbul, south Eastern Europe.

In India too Catholics and Orthodox established missionaries in South India, while Protestants like England, Germany, USA did in North India.

There have been notable Indologists from Germany, England and Russia, USA lately but none so magnanimous from South European and Muslim/ Arab countries.

Northern people on an average have better emotional control over Southern. They don’t indulge in unnecessary feuds.

Temperature difference b/w North and South had been factor for population well in control in Northern countries, temperature certainly has influence in sexual behavior. So, until last 200-500 years with European colonialism Muslims population was much higher than Christians. Even now Europe is witnessing negative population growth. Not even human, germs too multiply in hot countries than cold ones. So, Northern people need not to be religious compared to Southern ones to constrain themselves.

Temperature has higher correlation with skin color. Northern people are fairer than Southern.

German Empire, the origin of Protestantism bagged more Nobels before WWI than USA, UK, Russia put together. Possibly cool climate of Northern countries encourages placid mind, important for research. Heat is perceived as source of insanity.

Orthodox did forcible conversions in Russia and Catholics like Muslims demolished temples of South India and killed people who didn’t submit.


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