1. Rurikid Russia was invaded by Mongols and Muscovy was taken by them and Russian princes were under Mongol suzerainty until Ivan III successfully routed out Mongol overlords and stopped paying tribute declaring as Holy Russia, Byzantine seal and Moscow as Third Rome, successor of Constantinople. Effectively Russia followed Eastern Roman Christianity. Russia had number of wars with Turkey having equivocal results, until Turkey was weakened despite that Catherine II couldn’t redeem Constantinople back to Christendom.
  2. When one looks on magnificent Russian churches, onion dome always catches attention that often reminds me of Islamic construction innovation for Mosques. But, Western churches have diamond shape dome. Even in India the hemispherical temple top are due to Islamic influence.
  3. Russian Orthodoxy like Roman Catholicism neglected Christian teachings and Ghost worship, Satanism was wide spread throughout the country since Alexander I. This situation proved to be a fertile ground for the rise of Soviet Communism with its atheistic propaganda and well-known refrain: “Religion is the opium of the people.”
  4. Russia is not at all fit for democracy as we may have witnessed Tsarist Autocracy, Communist Totalitarianism, Putin’s Plutocracy. Even Alexander I tried to make Russia a constitutional monarchy but indiscipline of Russians made him abandon beyond doubt the scheme of constitutional monarchy. Constitutional system was created briefly since 1911 that was again took over by ruthless Communists.
  5. Communist have Islamic origin is clear from their seal and their persecutions, prejudice committed against Jews and Christians. They killed many Christians, Jews. Jews were disqualified from attending Russian Universities. Their seal of sickle and hammer is close to crescent of moon and star in the center – sickle replaced by crescent and hammer replaced by star.
  6. During Stalin at peak of atheism Russia lost lot of intellectuals by execution by secret police. Many intellectuals were of Jewish origin. Due to religious absolutism, Muslims were never given a chance for second thought.
  7. Russia like Muslims had been scientifically backward since Ivan III, even into communism – Mendel’s Laws of Genetics were not accepted by Russians. Except few fields in which Russians excelled- space, atomic, experimental medicine, they were backward in many areas until they were exposed to West during Peter I or after collapse of Soviet Union. Many scientific fields were subject to censorship in Soviet Russia.
  8. Another evident feature that remind Russians of Islamic influence is tradition of keeping long beards by churchmen and monarchs, that it’s rare to see a Muslim without slightest of beard, closely shaven. This flourished until Peter I’s westernization that forced them to shave in Western fashion. In India keeping beard is considered impure. So, monarchs here kept large moustache to show their valor. Even Nicholas II is portrayed as keeping beard and moustache. Lenin too has beard. Even now the Moscow Patriarch keeps beard.
  9. Homophobia of Russia is also a law in Arabia under Sharia Islamic Law and is held illegal. Russia has traditionally been socially conservative on LGBT rights, The Saudi social mores and laws are heavily influenced by Arab tribal customs and ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam. North European countries are better than South European regarding homosexuality tolerance.
  10. Russian society has traditionally been patriarchal with lower age of marriages – 13 yo. Similarly Muslim society has been strictly patriarchal with very low age of marriage  – 9-12.

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