Guardians of the directions

 Name Directions Planets(Vedic) Planets(Western)
Kubera N Mercury Mercury
Yama S Mars Pluto
Indra E Sun Uranus
Varuna W Saturn Neptune
Iśāna N/E Jupiter Jupiter
Agni S/E Venus Venus
Vāyu N/W Moon Moon
Rakṣasa   S/W Rahu Saturn P
Brahmā Zenith Ketu Mars N
Viṣṇu Nadir Ascendant Sun U

(from Wiki)

Chronology of Planets: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon(Earth), Mars, Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Order acc to size: Sun>Jupiter>Saturn>Uranus>Neptune>Earth>Venus>Mars>Mercury>Moon>Pluto

3 Primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow,  Red, Green, Blue

4 Psychological primary colors: Red, yellow, green, and blue

4 Corresponding Main religions: 


Buddhism, Shaivism, Islām, Christianity

Red – Maroon  

Red+green=yellow, orange

Red+blue= violet, cyan

Red+Blue+Green= White, Black

Order of toxicity: Black>Violet>Indigo>Blue>Green(cold colors)

Order of benevolence: White>Yellow>Orange>Red>maroon (hot colors)

Order of Temperature: Blue>White> Orange>yellow>Red


  1. Vaiśnavism – N– White – Moon – Bhāgwat
  2. Śaivism – N/E– Yellow – Sun – Gīta – Rigveda – Jagannath 
  3. Islām – S – Green – Venus – Injīl – Samaveda – Kedarnath 
  4. Buddhist – E – Orange – Mercury – Dhammapadā – Yajurveda  – Naśik 
  5. Christian – W – Blue – Neptune – Bible – Atharvaveda – Badrinath 
  6. Sanyās – S/E – Red – Jupiter – Upaniśad
  7. Muslim –S/W – Indigo/ Cyan – Saturn – Quran
  8. Sikh – N/W – Brown – Mars – Granth
  9. Arya Samāj – Top(sky/ Zenith) – Violet – Uranus – Vedās
  10. Bolśevism – Bottom(Nadir) – Black – Pluto – Capital, Materialism and Empirio-Criticism


White is pure, Vaiśnavism echoes this, Krishna head of Vaiśnavism, Moonlight is also white. Direction of deities has been North. Guardian of this direction is Kuberā both children of Shiva. 

Śiva is source is Sun that has yellow light; Śiva is Supreme Lord and called Iśwarā, whose direction is N/E. Sunlight is hot and powerful than moon light. 

Traditional color of Islām has been green with demonic and opposite traditions to India. Direction of South is traditionally considered direction of demons. Islamic countries are located in South in Arabia and Africa. Green is color of poison but mild one. Temperature of Green is supposed to be higher than White or yellow. Islamists are famous for proliferation of their generations by giving birth to as much children as possible. Children are product of sex and Venus is traditionally considered mentor of demons and god of desire, lust, sex etc. Guardian of South is Yama, god of law, justice, punishment and sees only wrongful things and punishes very strictly, strictly imposes law and we know Islamic laws are brutal, notoriously strict. 

Buddhist is intellectual religion and Mercury is planet of logic and quick-witted. Color of Mercury has been brown in astrology but closer color to brown is a shade of orange. Buddhism can be assigned red for it being synonymous to Sanyas and it’s color of Abode of Nirvana. But, temperature and level of benignness made us to assign Orange color. Mercury is demigod having both positive and negative sides. Though color of Jupiter is orange, it representing higher intelligence cant be assigned to Buddhism as it belongs to heterodox school. 

Christianity is spread in Western countries – Europe and America. In America, Christianity is strong. In central and South America, it’s stronger. Christians made much fortunes through voyages across seas. Varuna, Guardian of West has correspondence with Neptune, planet of mystery and illusions. Varuna is god of seas. Color of water is traditionally blue that is color of poison; color Neptune  Western countries have history of conspiracies, biggest mystery to this day is about origin of Christianity, Jesus Christ, his life and Early Christian Powers that wrote Bible. Since 16th Century, history about Christ has been questioned by many Western philosophers and scientists. Biggest conspiracy of Europe has been burning of women in name of witches by Church. 

Sanyas has very thin line of difference from Buddhism. So, I assigned red color for Supreme Abode. It is also called 6th element. Sanyasin has intellect different from that of Buddhists. They are not logical, quickwitted. But, they devour knowledge from reading texts. They take title of Guru of world. So, I have assigned Jupiter that is the biggest planet of solar system and is itself called Guru meaning heavy. They have impression of having might like king. I have made it b/w Islam and Buddhism as they qualities intermediate to both religions, orange is b/w red and green. So, direction is S/E. Again, Guardian Agni(fire element) of S/E has red/ orange color. 

Muslim has been assigned cyan/ indigo color due to it being intermediate b/w Islam(Green) and Christianity(Blue). Saturn has been assigned as its color is black/grey and indigo is near that. Saturn in astrology is used for foreigners esp Muslims and Christians. 

Sikh has been assigned brown because it’s mixture red, blue and green, with high proportion of red, i.e., maintaining line of Sanyasi or Buddhism, but with some impurities and demonic qualities from Islam and Christianity – they eat lot of meat and may also drink. This impurity make them good warriors against those heretics. As lord of War is Mars, and it’s on bit demonic side, I assigned Mars, whose color is Red. Actually, a category of Sanyasis already had militarized in Southern India against Muslims. But, Sikhs are known for their daring quality.

Zenith is towards sky and Uranus is sky  god, its color is blue. But, actually sky should look Violet because short wavelength light are scattered more instead of blue. The reason is twofold. Our eyes are also less sensitive to violet. The most strongly scattered indigo and violet wavelengths stimulate the red cones slightly as well as the blue, which is why these colors appear blue with an added red tinge.  The net effect is that the red and green cones are stimulated about equally by the light from the sky, while the blue is stimulated more strongly.  This combination accounts for the pale sky blue color. I have assigned Uranus to this direction. Arya Samaj was one of reformist movement established in India and were Punjab chapter of Indian National Congress. They believe in Vedas and scriptures and dont believe in deities and heaven on earth. Like Muslims they also break idols, so their Violet color is apt. Violet is closest to Indigo. 

Bolshevism is last movement on earth. It believes in nothing other than material or earth. They are most materialist and earthly. They dont believe in any other pleasure than bodily or material pleasure. They believe in eat, drink and be merry, as long as man is alive let he enjoy, let him feed on ghee even though he runs in debt, for after death no one would be asking to repay. The enjoyment of heaven lies in eating delicious food, keeping company of young women, using fine clothes, perfumes, garlands, sandal paste… So, Nadir represents their direction i.e., direction of pit of vagina which receives phallus. Traditionally black color is given to it. Pluto is god of underworld and with color as black. 


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