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10 religions, 10 directions, 10 colors, 10 planets, 10 scriptures, (4 main religions and 4 Vedas, 4 abodes)

Guardians of the directions

 Name Directions Planets(Vedic) Planets(Western)
Kubera N Mercury Mercury
Yama S Mars Pluto
Indra E Sun Uranus
Varuna W Saturn Neptune
Iśāna N/E Jupiter Jupiter
Agni S/E Venus Venus
Vāyu N/W Moon Moon
Rakṣasa   S/W Rahu Saturn P
Brahmā Zenith Ketu Mars N
Viṣṇu Nadir Ascendant Sun U

(from Wiki)

Chronology of Planets: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon(Earth), Mars, Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Order acc to size: Sun>Jupiter>Saturn>Uranus>Neptune>Earth>Venus>Mars>Mercury>Moon>Pluto

3 Primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow,  Red, Green, Blue

4 Psychological primary colors: Red, yellow, green, and blue

4 Corresponding Main religions: 


Buddhism, Shaivism, Islām, Christianity

Red – Maroon  

Red+green=yellow, orange

Red+blue= violet, cyan

Red+Blue+Green= White, Black

Order of toxicity: Black>Violet>Indigo>Blue>Green(cold colors)

Order of benevolence: White>Yellow>Orange>Red>maroon (hot colors)

Order of Temperature: Blue>White> Orange>yellow>Red


  1. Vaiśnavism – N– White – Moon – Bhāgwat
  2. Śaivism – N/E– Yellow – Sun – Gīta – Rigveda – Jagannath 
  3. Islām – S – Green – Venus – Injīl – Samaveda – Kedarnath 
  4. Buddhist – E – Orange – Mercury – Dhammapadā – Yajurveda  – Naśik 
  5. Christian – W – Blue – Neptune – Bible – Atharvaveda – Badrinath 
  6. Sanyās – S/E – Red – Jupiter – Upaniśad
  7. Muslim –S/W – Indigo/ Cyan – Saturn – Quran
  8. Sikh – N/W – Brown – Mars – Granth
  9. Arya Samāj – Top(sky/ Zenith) – Violet – Uranus – Vedās
  10. Bolśevism – Bottom(Nadir) – Black – Pluto – Capital, Materialism and Empirio-Criticism


White is pure, Vaiśnavism echoes this, Krishna head of Vaiśnavism, Moonlight is also white. Direction of deities has been North. Guardian of this direction is Kuberā both children of Shiva. 

Śiva is source is Sun that has yellow light; Śiva is Supreme Lord and called Iśwarā, whose direction is N/E. Sunlight is hot and powerful than moon light. 

Traditional color of Islām has been green with demonic and opposite traditions to India. Direction of South is traditionally considered direction of demons. Islamic countries are located in South in Arabia and Africa. Green is color of poison but mild one. Temperature of Green is supposed to be higher than White or yellow. Islamists are famous for proliferation of their generations by giving birth to as much children as possible. Children are product of sex and Venus is traditionally considered mentor of demons and god of desire, lust, sex etc. Guardian of South is Yama, god of law, justice, punishment and sees only wrongful things and punishes very strictly, strictly imposes law and we know Islamic laws are brutal, notoriously strict. 

Buddhist is intellectual religion and Mercury is planet of logic and quick-witted. Color of Mercury has been brown in astrology but closer color to brown is a shade of orange. Buddhism can be assigned red for it being synonymous to Sanyas and it’s color of Abode of Nirvana. But, temperature and level of benignness made us to assign Orange color. Mercury is demigod having both positive and negative sides. Though color of Jupiter is orange, it representing higher intelligence cant be assigned to Buddhism as it belongs to heterodox school. 

Christianity is spread in Western countries – Europe and America. In America, Christianity is strong. In central and South America, it’s stronger. Christians made much fortunes through voyages across seas. Varuna, Guardian of West has correspondence with Neptune, planet of mystery and illusions. Varuna is god of seas. Color of water is traditionally blue that is color of poison; color Neptune  Western countries have history of conspiracies, biggest mystery to this day is about origin of Christianity, Jesus Christ, his life and Early Christian Powers that wrote Bible. Since 16th Century, history about Christ has been questioned by many Western philosophers and scientists. Biggest conspiracy of Europe has been burning of women in name of witches by Church. 

Sanyas has very thin line of difference from Buddhism. So, I assigned red color for Supreme Abode. It is also called 6th element. Sanyasin has intellect different from that of Buddhists. They are not logical, quickwitted. But, they devour knowledge from reading texts. They take title of Guru of world. So, I have assigned Jupiter that is the biggest planet of solar system and is itself called Guru meaning heavy. They have impression of having might like king. I have made it b/w Islam and Buddhism as they qualities intermediate to both religions, orange is b/w red and green. So, direction is S/E. Again, Guardian Agni(fire element) of S/E has red/ orange color. 

Muslim has been assigned cyan/ indigo color due to it being intermediate b/w Islam(Green) and Christianity(Blue). Saturn has been assigned as its color is black/grey and indigo is near that. Saturn in astrology is used for foreigners esp Muslims and Christians. 

Sikh has been assigned brown because it’s mixture red, blue and green, with high proportion of red, i.e., maintaining line of Sanyasi or Buddhism, but with some impurities and demonic qualities from Islam and Christianity – they eat lot of meat and may also drink. This impurity make them good warriors against those heretics. As lord of War is Mars, and it’s on bit demonic side, I assigned Mars, whose color is Red. Actually, a category of Sanyasis already had militarized in Southern India against Muslims. But, Sikhs are known for their daring quality.

Zenith is towards sky and Uranus is sky  god, its color is blue. But, actually sky should look Violet because short wavelength light are scattered more instead of blue. The reason is twofold. Our eyes are also less sensitive to violet. The most strongly scattered indigo and violet wavelengths stimulate the red cones slightly as well as the blue, which is why these colors appear blue with an added red tinge.  The net effect is that the red and green cones are stimulated about equally by the light from the sky, while the blue is stimulated more strongly.  This combination accounts for the pale sky blue color. I have assigned Uranus to this direction. Arya Samaj was one of reformist movement established in India and were Punjab chapter of Indian National Congress. They believe in Vedas and scriptures and dont believe in deities and heaven on earth. Like Muslims they also break idols, so their Violet color is apt. Violet is closest to Indigo. 

Bolshevism is last movement on earth. It believes in nothing other than material or earth. They are most materialist and earthly. They dont believe in any other pleasure than bodily or material pleasure. They believe in eat, drink and be merry, as long as man is alive let he enjoy, let him feed on ghee even though he runs in debt, for after death no one would be asking to repay. The enjoyment of heaven lies in eating delicious food, keeping company of young women, using fine clothes, perfumes, garlands, sandal paste… So, Nadir represents their direction i.e., direction of pit of vagina which receives phallus. Traditionally black color is given to it. Pluto is god of underworld and with color as black. 

Reasons why Russia has strong Islamic Influence.

  1. Rurikid Russia was invaded by Mongols and Muscovy was taken by them and Russian princes were under Mongol suzerainty until Ivan III successfully routed out Mongol overlords and stopped paying tribute declaring as Holy Russia, Byzantine seal and Moscow as Third Rome, successor of Constantinople. Effectively Russia followed Eastern Roman Christianity. Russia had number of wars with Turkey having equivocal results, until Turkey was weakened despite that Catherine II couldn’t redeem Constantinople back to Christendom.
  2. When one looks on magnificent Russian churches, onion dome always catches attention that often reminds me of Islamic construction innovation for Mosques. But, Western churches have diamond shape dome. Even in India the hemispherical temple top are due to Islamic influence.
  3. Russian Orthodoxy like Roman Catholicism neglected Christian teachings and Ghost worship, Satanism was wide spread throughout the country since Alexander I. This situation proved to be a fertile ground for the rise of Soviet Communism with its atheistic propaganda and well-known refrain: “Religion is the opium of the people.”
  4. Russia is not at all fit for democracy as we may have witnessed Tsarist Autocracy, Communist Totalitarianism, Putin’s Plutocracy. Even Alexander I tried to make Russia a constitutional monarchy but indiscipline of Russians made him abandon beyond doubt the scheme of constitutional monarchy. Constitutional system was created briefly since 1911 that was again took over by ruthless Communists.
  5. Communist have Islamic origin is clear from their seal and their persecutions, prejudice committed against Jews and Christians. They killed many Christians, Jews. Jews were disqualified from attending Russian Universities. Their seal of sickle and hammer is close to crescent of moon and star in the center – sickle replaced by crescent and hammer replaced by star.
  6. During Stalin at peak of atheism Russia lost lot of intellectuals by execution by secret police. Many intellectuals were of Jewish origin. Due to religious absolutism, Muslims were never given a chance for second thought.
  7. Russia like Muslims had been scientifically backward since Ivan III, even into communism – Mendel’s Laws of Genetics were not accepted by Russians. Except few fields in which Russians excelled- space, atomic, experimental medicine, they were backward in many areas until they were exposed to West during Peter I or after collapse of Soviet Union. Many scientific fields were subject to censorship in Soviet Russia.
  8. Another evident feature that remind Russians of Islamic influence is tradition of keeping long beards by churchmen and monarchs, that it’s rare to see a Muslim without slightest of beard, closely shaven. This flourished until Peter I’s westernization that forced them to shave in Western fashion. In India keeping beard is considered impure. So, monarchs here kept large moustache to show their valor. Even Nicholas II is portrayed as keeping beard and moustache. Lenin too has beard. Even now the Moscow Patriarch keeps beard.
  9. Homophobia of Russia is also a law in Arabia under Sharia Islamic Law and is held illegal. Russia has traditionally been socially conservative on LGBT rights, The Saudi social mores and laws are heavily influenced by Arab tribal customs and ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam. North European countries are better than South European regarding homosexuality tolerance.
  10. Russian society has traditionally been patriarchal with lower age of marriages – 13 yo. Similarly Muslim society has been strictly patriarchal with very low age of marriage  – 9-12.

North vs South Emotional Axis:


North South
Traditional direction of Deities Traditional direction of  Demons
Christians Islam
Protestants Catholic, Orthodoxy
Interest in India No interest in India
Cool Tempered Hot Tempered
Less Lust More Lust
Fair skin Darker Skin
Scientifically advanced Not much scientific
No need to be religious Need to be religious
Civilized Barbaric

It is traditionally held North is direction of deities and South is direction of demons.

First temple outside India was established by Abraham and his son Ismail in Kaaba that later turned into Mosque by Muhammad’s reforms. Marat Safin, a Muslim correctly says Muslims are hot blooded people. Slowly they spread over entire North and Central Africa and had influences in Southern Europe like Spain and Portugal.

Christians: Northern countries are Protestant – UK, Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Canada.
Southern countries – South America, Spain, Portugal, Italy are Catholic.
Orthodox is very much like Catholic, but origin of Orthodoxy is Eastern church centered at Constantinople aka Istanbul, south Eastern Europe.

In India too Catholics and Orthodox established missionaries in South India, while Protestants like England, Germany, USA did in North India.

There have been notable Indologists from Germany, England and Russia, USA lately but none so magnanimous from South European and Muslim/ Arab countries.

Northern people on an average have better emotional control over Southern. They don’t indulge in unnecessary feuds.

Temperature difference b/w North and South had been factor for population well in control in Northern countries, temperature certainly has influence in sexual behavior. So, until last 200-500 years with European colonialism Muslims population was much higher than Christians. Even now Europe is witnessing negative population growth. Not even human, germs too multiply in hot countries than cold ones. So, Northern people need not to be religious compared to Southern ones to constrain themselves.

Temperature has higher correlation with skin color. Northern people are fairer than Southern.

German Empire, the origin of Protestantism bagged more Nobels before WWI than USA, UK, Russia put together. Possibly cool climate of Northern countries encourages placid mind, important for research. Heat is perceived as source of insanity.

Orthodox did forcible conversions in Russia and Catholics like Muslims demolished temples of South India and killed people who didn’t submit.

East-West: Intellectual Axis:

East West
Intuitive Rational
Wholistic Atomistic/ reductionist
Collectivism Individualism
Crude Refined
Philosophical Scientific
Idealistic Realistic
Right Brain Left Brain
Cesaropapism Papocesarism

Intuition vs Rational

Intuition is origin of ideas but rationalism is examining those ideas. East is land of ideas, religions, metaphysical abstract theories but west is more investigative – examining and arriving at conclusions by judging merits.

Wholistic vs Atomistic

Its quite evident from Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine looks into the body as a whole and health as perfect harmony of spirit, mind and body. But, Western Medicine looks into different organs for giving diagnosis and treatment. So, we have different medicines for heart, brain, mind, lungs, etc.

Collectivism vs Individualism: 

These have deeper connotations that impact various aspects of lives in East and West. In East family and social bonds are stronger and honor of family or society is upheld before respect for individual. If one member of a clan does a crime against other, then whole clan is destroyed. But, in West if a person offended another then he will not take revenge with offender’s wife. In West privacy is very important that neighbors don’t know happenings of each other nor they want. In East neighbors meet in many social occasions. In West individual enjoys more freedom of body and mind. But, it also leads to selfishness and lack of empathy.

Crude vs Refined: 

East may have pioneered inventions and philosophical and secular literature, but it was only the Westerners/ Europeans that took those basic, foundational material to West during Colonialism period in 200 years to refine, advance and develop it into present modern scifi, hitech world.

Philosophical vs scientific: 

East have witnessed a lot of philosophers and teachers of religious and moral and ethics and west even if had philosophers were utilitarian. West is land of discoveries(not inventions) and discoveries not inventions are more related to science that is concerned with knowing. Inventions are concerned with development of technology goods. So, these UK, Germany, USA, Russia make most of discoveries. There is clear evidence that Germany bagged more Nobels before WW1 than UK, USA, Russia put together. But, East may be somewhat good at technology, innovation, while West is also no way less. Btw, in East technological development takes place later than West.

Idealistic vs Realistic:

Eastern people are more theoretical people. Prime reason was lack of advanced equipment for minute investigation. They relied on universal logic, analogy, hermetic theory, by observing symmetry. But, ancient Western philosophers were also mathematicians. They developed theories by investigating nature, albeit with some mistakes. But, most part they are recognized even today like Aristotle, Archimedes, Plato, Euclid. The Western philosophers inclined to reasoning, questioning, definition, induction, proof by contradiction, rejecting analogies, etc. Roots of formalism of rigor originated from West. During European Enlightenment scientific, rational thinking was reinforced and emphasized. Compared to Platonic sharp distinction between knowledge as certain, and mere true opinion as non certain and opinions derive from the shifting world of sensation; knowledge derives from the world of timeless Forms, or essences, even the Logical School of Realism means of obtaining knowledge depends on perception, measuring along some other thing/ inference, analogy and word/testimony of reliable sources all are far from rigorous formal proof of deductions of Western Schools.

Right vs Left brain:

Left brain is concerned with logic, analysis, sequencing, linear, mathematics, language, facts, thinking in words, words of songs and computation. Right brain is concerned with creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, rhythm, non-verbal, feelings, visualization, tune of songs and daydreaming.

Cesaropapism vs Papocesarism:

In East monarchs had absolute powers even had titles like Prince of Heaven in China and Emperor of Japan were top authority of Shinto religion. Czarist Russia was also absolute monarchy were titled autocrats. But, in West king always bowed towards papal authorities, in many occasions Church’s power surpassed that of monarch that patriarch was a religious autocrat. In Islam too religious Caliphates ruled and in Iran Supreme Leader is religious head.

Religion vs Spirituality distinction


Religion is distinct from spiritualism. But often confused. Spiritualism is cause and religion is effect. Spiritualism enlightens you with the wisdom that directs the religious inculcations of virtues. But Spiritualism is on much higher plane than religion. Religion is teach you morality, righteousness, virtues. But, Spiritualism is something related to knowing thyself, realizing thyself, how my many births are, in what all religions I played what all roles, spiritualism is more towards intellectualism and realism. Spirituality literally means exploring contents within soul. Haile Selassie I has rightly said. Religion is more towards faith though may be blind and idealistic. True religion is one which applies Spiritualism in toto.

As for misuse well sunlight can be used to study spiritual book as well as stealing. But Sun is impartial. So, knowledge is at its own place in true form. But, bigots can manipulate to their ephemeral benefits. But, later they have to pay for it as spiritual debts. Both knowledge and religion are prone to misuse. Also, knowledge is power, so it is weapon if you possess it what others dont. It will pose threat to world like secretly hiding a dagger. See, man got knowledge of atom, atom bomb and threat increased in world.

Secular is defined to be somewhat non religious. This is what the definition when comes to politics like ‘secular state’. But, it actually means topics applicable to all irrespective of what religion one belongs, or is irreligious. So, one can say spiritual topics, among other topics like monarchy, science are applicable for all religions and hence secular. Spiritual is fact backed by evidence not faith.

There can be pure religion totally disjoint from spiritualism like Buddhism that teaches great virtues but its literature is silent about soul and god. They believe in rebirth but dont know what takes rebirth and details of where and what. But, no religion touches depth of spiritual exploration. It is correct biology and theology cant go together. But biology/ science and spirituality can as biology is study of soul+body. Life itself is soul + body. Absence of any one can lead to no more than nonliving things if soul and body are considered separate or soul has departed body.

There is possibility that spirituality can be totally separated from religion, making it independent of religion by using evidences from logic, history, sciences(quantum physics), scaling, transformation of size, space, time. At that time materialist and non religious atheists can also accept spiritual knowledge.

Higher one gets into spiritual knowledge, he can discover the present religious rules, ethics, laws to be obsolete, and the spiritual laws are totally agnostic to those of religion or atheism. Hence, since science of today is imperfect, that bridges, trains, airplanes, nations prone to accidents fall apart and, atheism i.e. materialism that takes arguments in support from sciences is also faith when it comes to theories, hypotheses, conjunctures. Even for atheists it is difficult to prove or disprove divinity, spirit, god. Many can be no more than being agnostic of spiritual topics. Many natural phenomena are currently beyond scope of science to explain. Reasons are two fold – atheism like theism is also faith not fact based and science has not attained the level that spiritual topics can be investigated, until these hypotheses, conjunctures are verified, tested or proved.

So, as I once said through pure materialism I will approach spiritualism or rather convert material power to spiritual power when I realized to scientifically solve my physical problems i.e. illness to overcome impediment for my spiritual progress. Now, I have realized prospective scientific fields, constructs and tools to make spiritual knowledge subject of scientific investigation. But, thing remains is to effort and come up with concrete proof and evidence. I expect to find coworkers of same area of investigation and research in near future.

A brief background of socio-politics

Despite the close association of social and political structures, both are clearly separate wrt sphere of their activities.

Politics has much to do with governance and administration of a county or province or nation at large while society is much connected to cultural heritage for peaceful, empathetic and cooperative coexistence of individuals at lower level and families or clans at a higher level.

While political values emphasize on guiding, monitoring and administrating the society, social values are much related to best role of individuals so that society and individuals are benefited alike. I dont always mean fixing of role of individuals but recognizing their potential and encouraged for the same. Social values also means respecting everyone’s role in society. Still more refined form is every individual clearly determines and assumes the role he knows to be best.

For political and social structures to operate, we need economic and  moral structure.

First we talk about moral structure it has to do with religion. Religion in modern context is more appropriately set of moral rules determining way of life. I am not leaned towards any particular organized religions of world to draw moral teachings from them. But, instead as per new context new rules have to be devised. Religion in no way requires to believe in any soul, god or deity by default. I am in favor of global uniform moral rules called global religion. Traditionally, spirituality is mixed with religion in a confusing manner. But, spiritualism and religion are two separate aspect. Former deals with morals, later deals with knowledge of workings of invisible things – soul/ spirit, god, etc, in context of past, present and future – unknown past and future. Spiritual dynamics are common to all 5-7 billions irrespective of their distinct beliefs or even for non believers. Here I may also want to discuss the link between religion and spiritualism. Organized religions of world expect belief in god/ deity/ or the founder, etc. In other words they have to believe in someone other than themselves whether they be king/prez or your spouse. If not morality will be seriously affected. If the trust between husband and wife ceases, then separation results. Imagine a society in which no one trusts anyone else. Then, will such society exist – at level of family(there will be serial divorces or destruction of familial institution), clan, community, etc. Then entire social structure falls apart. Similarly, if subjects dont trust govt/ king/ prez then will they work sincerely? It will turn everyone lazy, corrupt. And it would have deleterious effect on economy of nation too however much resources a nation is endowed with. Best example is former USSR.

From political side too if we devise a global laws of governance based on set of moral laws outlining religion and make the govt/ governing authority/ies obligatory to follow the rules without any room for manipulation and empower each of subjects to monitor others or seniors and file a legal complaint against any deviancy by anyone and rewarding them for their reporting.

For eg, see Peter’s decree on registration of nobles in the Senate, September 26, 1714:
We hereby announce to all the nobles that they themselves, and their relatives between the ages of ten and thirty, must appear at [the office] established here in Moscow by the Senate for registration in the course of the coming winter. If anyone disregards this order and fails to appear by March, then all his property and villages shall be [confiscated and] given to him who reports such failure, no matter how lowly his rank may be…. [These reports shall be accepted beginning in September 1715.]

These actions should be reflected on global level. Now, there is king to issue a decree but legal body. So, any prez/ leader may also be entrapped for misuse.

I would write on these topics more, later.